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A podcast for the non-technical about cryptocurrency, blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Altcoins, and more.

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    35 —💲 Getting paid to disable ads with Oyster Protocol CMO Chris Garner

    Chris Garner, CMO of Oyster Protocol, joins us to discuss Oyster Protocol — a new way for online publishers to monetize their websites as well as internet users to earn money through disabling ads (getting paid to block ads!), all the while providing a new, secure distributed storage solution.

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    30 — Daily Crypto Update 3/8/2018

    Today's headline: The SEC is trying to reach in and regulate crypto again, saying crypto exchanges must be registered with the SEC.

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    27 — Paper Wallets Explained

    In this episode, I continue discussing crypto wallets. I go into detail on what paper wallets are and when it may be appropriate to use them.

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    26 — Hardware Wallets Explained

    In this episode, the discussion on crypto wallets continues. I talk about what hardware wallets are and some of the popular options currently available.

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    25 — Software Wallets Explained

    This episode is a continuation of crypto wallets — specifically, I cover what a software wallet is, the different types of software wallets, and the security vs. convenience tradeoffs are software wallets.

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    23 — What is Hot & Cold Storage?

    This episode is a continuation of our wallet discussion we began in the last episode. Today I cover what hot and cold storage is, and the security vs convenience of both.

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    22 — What is a wallet?

    This episode is a beginner-level overview of cryptocurrency wallets — what are they? What do they do?

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    20 — What is a Whitepaper?

    If you've been around the cryptocurrency space for even a short time, you've undoubtedly heard the term "whitepaper" mentioned somewhere...but what exactly is a whitepaper?

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    19 — Ali Ayyash of Bee Token

    In this episode, I'm joined by Ali Ayyash, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer of Bee Token, a decentralized version of Airbnb. We discuss dApps, smart contracts, and of course, the Bee Token platform.

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    18 — Game Update: 1/19/18

    This episode is a brief update on how our fictitious portfolio that we started a couple of weeks ago is doing.

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    16 — Lawrence Richardson of ZeroSum

    It's the first-ever HODL Daily interview! In this episode, I chatted with Lawrence Richardson, President and Co-Founder of ZeroSum, a fantasy forex and cryptocurrency trading platform.

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    15 — What is Ethereum?

    In this episode, I discuss what Ethereum is and how its use of smart contracts can help decentralize the world.

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    14 — Let's play a game

    In this episode, I kickoff a virtual trading game where I'll take a fictitious $20,000 and begin trading it. Let's see what happens!

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    13 — My 2018 Crypto Picks

    In this episode, I discuss coins I think will be successful in 2018 as well as some coins I'm currently researching.

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    12 — What does "Bull" and "Bear" mean?

    In this episode, I answer a Twitter question from listener Keith Kasprzyk about what "bull" and "bear" mean when people are talking about charts.

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    10 — What is Blockchain?

    In this episode, I explain what blockchain is and how it works in the case of Bitcoin.

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    09 — What is a Ledger?

    Understanding what a ledger is will serve as a precursor to understanding what blockchain is.

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    07 — Wait, there's more than one Bitcoin??

    You may have noticed a drop in the Bitcoin price last week and over the weekend, as well as a sharp increase in the Bitcoin Cash price. Did you know there were multiple variations of Bitcoin?

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    03 — What is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency isn't just a fad for geeks. It's the next iteration of currency — it's the future of how we pay each other for goods and services.

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    02 — What is Currency?

    Before we can understand what cryptocurrency is and why it's important, we must first understand what currency is.

    In this episode, I talk about what currency actually is.

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